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Total weighing solutions

Over the years, New City Scales have gained a reputation for an ability to meet the weighing needs of even the most obscure and demanding environments. We are very proud of the fact that many of our competitors are also very good customers. Due to the very high quality of the product we produce, and our ability to plan out and implement the best weighing solution for any weighing needs we often find ourselves involved in projects for other weighing machine manufactures.

New City Scales are authorized trade verifiers enabling us to supply, Install and verify your weighing equipment in the same day. We run our own 44,000kg weighbridge test unit, all our engineers hold safety passports, CSCS cards, they are confined space trained and are qualified banks men.  

Hire Weighbridge's for all occasions

Unlike other manufacturers products, New City Scales 15 metre weighbridge's use over 12,500kg of steel. The high-inbuilt strength achieved means that only four load cells are required and overall durability is second to none. New City Scales weighbridge's utilise fully welded construction comprising of two large universal beams supporting multiple cross members and a 10 mm thick load plate. Installation can be carried out on roadways or compacted hard-core surfaces and gradients up to 1 in 30 are accommodated. Access to the load cells is gained by simply removing the four protective exterior covers.

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Hope Construction get the first New City Scales Six cell heavy duty drive thru weighbridge

New City Scales are proud to unveil the latest weighbridge in our range. The new addition is a six cell fully welded deck and is placed on the market as a heavy-duty alternative to the low profile bridges currently offered by our competitors. Like all low profile weighbridges it is intended to be installed on level ground.

 Although the design may not offer all the advantages of our standard Heavy-duty drive thru weighbridge, it does share its build quality and design strengths making it the best alternative to a low profile bridge.  The Pictures show the New City Scales six-cell heavy-duty weighbridge being installed for Hope construction at their new site at Black Cat in Bedfordshire.  

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