Retro-Fit Weighbridge's Milton Keynes

Retro-Fit Weighbridge's

Our weighbridge factory personnel in Sheffield have over 60 years of fabricating experience and produce an extremely strong, high quality product. This is born out by the fact that having produced and installed over 2,500 weighbridge's.
Manufacturing flexibility enables weighbridge's to be made in any length, width, depth or strength. This is particularly useful when a pit weighbridge is in need of replacement as a new weighbridge will simply be manufactured to fit the existing pit.

For extra piece of mind, potential customers are always welcome to visit the factory and watch the weighbridge production process. Appreciation of the high inbuilt strength achieved, which is second to none, will then be all too apparent. Many of New City Scales weighbridge's are over 20 years old and still in perfect working order!

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Replacement weighbridge fitted and tested in four hours