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New City Scales hire weighbridge's require minimal foundation work as surface mounted weighbridge's will be supplied with wide load spreading feet to enable installation on existing roadways, concrete or compacted hard core surfaces. Low profile on and off loading ramps are included and gradients up to 1:30 are accommodated. Hire weighbridge's are normally delivered, installed and weights and measures verified to satisfy legal trading requirements, within a single day. All our hire weighbridge's are of a heavy duty construction, made in the UK at our Sheffield manufacturing facility.

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Standard sizes: 3 metres wide and 8,9 or 15 meter lengths
Bespoke sizes manufactured for long term hire periods
Capacities: 40,000kg, 50,000kg, 60,000kg, 80,000kg, 100,000kg
Dump truck weigher: 4 metres wide x 9 metres long - 100,000kg

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